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Beauty of simplicity in Calabria

Calabria is associated with one controversial error. In ancient times, the Greeks called it the "the Land of Bulls", or "Italy" in their language. By unknown mistake, that name was assigned to the entire peninsula up to the Alps.

In addition Romans called this land "Bruttium" and gave Salento the name "Calabria". Then in the Middle Ages the Angevin rulers called ancient Sannio "Abruzzo", while "Bruttium" finally became "Calabria". Simple and reserved people of Calabria have never been offended by all these errors.

Long, narrow and rocky, featuring 780 km of coastline, Calabria region is passionate about its two beautiful seas: Tyrrhenian to the west and Ionian to the east. This is the way countries have been founded: occupying both the coast and defensible hills. For long centuries it was necessary for effective defense against Saracen pirates!

During hot seasons featuring scorching heat until late October - you live in Marina bathing in the deep of clear waters, tasting exquisite fish dishes and celebrating the return of the dearest ones. In winter you climb into the mountain with wood, graze the cows and prepare tasty meats such as Soppressata, or Frittole and meatballs with Mammolese.

In this way, the ideal holiday in Calabria blends sea and mountains. Tropea, Scalea, Praia a Mare, Diamante, Cetraro are some of the most popular seaside resorts on the Tyrrhenian coast. Here besides pristine sea and suggestive cliffs you will find comfort, services and splendid summer nightlife. Ionian coast is more reserved, yet no less special thanks to the bright beaches of Costa dei Gelsomini in the Metropolitan City of Reggio Calabria and Costa degli Aranci in Catanzaro area.

Let’s proceed to the mountains represented by three main areas in Calabria: Pollino to the north, Sila in the center, Aspromonte and Serre to the south. It is worth to go and discover the beautiful villages perched on the mountains, as silent as they are picturesque.

Pollino National Park is the largest nature park in Italy where you can find the oldest trees on the whole peninsula including soaring pine trees. Sila mountains located between the provinces of Catanzaro, Crotone and Cosenza are very reminiscent of northern Europe landscapes with their green deciduous forests and heavy winter snowfalls. More Mediterranean yet equally spectacular is the green of Serre and Aspromonte that inspired the symbols of Calabria.

Calabria got its historical and cultural heritage represented in several locations. Cosenza, with its beautiful medieval old town offers fervent and stimulating university surrounding. Reggio Calabria in addition to boasting "most beautiful seafront location in Italy" according to D'Annunzio, preserves the very famous Bronzes of Riace, among the most exceptional examples of classical Greek statuary in the world, placed in local National Archaeological Museum.

It’s time to mention Cattolica di Stilo, a composition of archaeological parks (Capo Colonna, Locri and Sibari are most famous) and even more popular medieval castles and watchtowers, present in almost all coastal villages of Calabria.

Visiting this beautiful land and live a dream holiday will definitely not be a controversial error but amazing discovery all to experience.