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A bridge between Italy and the Europe

Lombardy is not just land, it is energy in constant action. Already its geography reveals it.

It comes from the banks of the Po and expands like a spot without control. To the north, up to the Alps and Mitteleuropa. To the south, it laps the Ligurian Apennines, beyond its parent river. To the east, it breaks through the Mincio barrier and seeks the banks of the Adige. To the west, the Ticino is not enough to contain the rice fields of Lomellina Pavia.

Lombardy is imposing mountains, magnificent valleys and shady woods. It is abundant rivers, wine hills and great plains. It is sweeping sweets, as wide as seas - Lake Garda - or deep as blue scars of the Earth - Lake Como. Lombardy only lacks the sea; in the meantime it has seaplane bases.

History also bears witness to this desire for power. In the 3rd century before Christ, the Insubres were the proudest of all the Gauls on this side of the Alps. They descended from the mountains and tore the plains off the Etruscans, founding Como and Milan. It took all the power of Rome to subjugate them to a greater story.

From here began the conquest of Italy by the Lombards, in the 6th century, and not random their capital was Pavia. To them we owe today the name "Lombardia". The Dukes of Milan tried to imitate them, to make Italy a bigger Lombardy, but despite being the richest and most powerful lords of the Renaissance, they failed.

Then came the French and the Venetians, then the Eagles of Habsburg with Spaniards and Austrians, then Napoleon. In the end, Italy, united. All of them left prosperity and riches, art and culture, scattered in monumental cities.

Like Mantova, the cultivated city of the Gonzagas, Mantegna, Giulio Romano. Like Bergamo looking at the mountains from the high walls. Pavia, noble and composed. Monza, with the Crown of Charlemagne and the largest public park in Europe. Or Milan itself, among modernity, Duomo and Navigli, is the economic engine of the country, its window on the world.

Whether new inspirations in a city of art or quiet and good country food, challenges of the mountains or equally daring research of designers and stylists, in Lombardy you will always find what you are looking for.